Adalonige Tsisgwa

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Out of all the roads promised, We return to the one with no self control.
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😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️ #timehop
"I wanted to be significant."
Got myself some goodies over the weekend 😊 (at Replay of Toledo (Reynolds Rd.))
Light ❤️ #timehop
No one said it would be this hard
How could I know
Why do we always get so far
Before we let go 🎶
#thecolorrun #Happiest5k @alec_weiker ✨👟🌀😊 (at Cedar Point Sandusky Ohio)
I’ve learned to just trust myself.
Been at the library since 7:30, followed by my ASL class. Now about to head to work. Good morning. 📚☕️#staybusy   (at University of Toledo - Carlson Library)
#mcm @Alec_Weiker 😊 this kid puts a smile on my face every day 🌄
My day yesterday! 😊👌👏🎡🎢 (at Cedar Point Sandusky Ohio)
Proudly ran my second 5K today with this guy! #Happiest5k #thecolorrun #hitandrun #cedarpoint 2014!  (at Cedar Point)
All day; every day. 💪 (at University Of Toledo Rocket Hall)
End of a long day. Catch me doing it all again tomorrow. 😴⛅️